Come for the beautiful weather, stay for a Monterey Bay sunset

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By Valerie Lemke

Sunset season is in full swing around these parts, and there is nothing like a sunset after a storm. There is a lot of science that goes with that, and though I find it fascinating, I won’t bore you with details…just pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. :)

When is sunset season? Well, some people like me tend to think it is the entire year. Though sunsets in fall through early spring can be make very dramatic sunsets and sunrises,  they are still spectacular all year long.

The Central Coast of California along the Monterey Bay is where you will find some of the most incredible sunsets you’ve probably ever seen. I might be little biased, but how can you argue with the photos like above?

If you live here, put it on your regular schedule to go catch a sunset now and then. If you don’t live here, make sure the next time you come for a visit you meander down to the water’s edge to see what you will find. Or better yet, why not live here?

This weekend is going to be beautiful along the Central Coast, maybe that time for a visit is now.

Need ideas of where to see a sunset?

Right now, and through summer, if you want a sunset directly over the water, you will want to head down to the south Santa Cruz County and north Monterey County beaches that are face more to the northwest. Beaches like Manresa State Beach, Sunset State Beach, Moss Landing, Marina State Beach are good choices. However,  I don’t want to give the impression that sunsets are any less at the Santa Cruz more southern facing beaches like Natural Bridges and Twin Lakes & Santa Cruz Harbor,  this time of year. They are just as gorgeous with sunsets that are dramatic over some land points by the ocean.  Other favorite spots are Pleasure Point, Capitola Beach, Aptos Rio Del Mar/Seacliff State Beaches, you will be able to see these sunsets on the water for more months of the year.

If you are traveling to the Monterey area, Point Lobos State Natural Reserve south of Carmel is an all time favorite spot for photographers with so many sites that go along with a sunset, it’s really beautiful and spectacular. However, all of the Santa Cruz and Monterey County beaches along the Central Coast in are unique in their own way, and won’t disappoint.

So, depending on where you are, just head to the water.

And then you can enjoy a sunset, or two, or three. Maybe you won’t even leave. I didn’t, and that was 25 years ago. :)


Please note, all photos are protected under copyright laws and may not be used without permission from Valerie Lemke Photography.

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